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Reply arcabgalf
11:59 AM on December 7, 2019
Best Christmas Background Photos, Pictures and Images
Best Christmas Background Photos, Pictures and Images
Best Christmas Background Photos, Pictures and Images
Reply Gregorynic
7:51 AM on December 2, 2019 
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Reply OckarDub
12:38 AM on November 30, 2019 
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Reply DarioAcego
10:18 AM on November 29, 2019 
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Reply Phillip Johnson
4:33 PM on October 18, 2018 
Beautiful work! Love the new site and congrats on your upcoming gallery event.
Reply Denise Ashurst
5:09 PM on May 23, 2017 
Hello Monnie, reading you bio, I see that we have a lot in common! I'm an artist of sort, I love interior decorating and writing books. I was also born in 1956, and I'm an Air Force retiree (1998)! Best of wishes on all your endeavors, I hope to stop by in July!
Reply Erin Haight
3:05 AM on May 20, 2017 
Had no idea you were so talented! Hope I have time to visit at spoleto! :)
Reply Susan S Humphreys
11:42 AM on December 9, 2015 
Reply JoAnne saylor
7:16 AM on February 11, 2015 
Love the website...
Reply Tracey Gulledge
12:05 AM on February 8, 2015 
Love the website...I really like the about the artist section..great ya
Reply Galina
3:54 PM on February 7, 2015 
Monnie congratulations!!!
All of your work is great, especially because I got to know you and Lesley.
"Leaning to win" is my favorite.
Good luck!
Reply Bill Grose
10:01 PM on June 29, 2012 
Thanks, Monnie, for letting me have your website. I'm going to spend more time tomorrow enjoying it.
Reply Barb Lopez
12:02 PM on April 2, 2010 
all of them are beautiful. You know my favorite however after looking though the gallery
i have found at least three more that "blew me away" How can one choose with such
talent and beauty. I will most likely get the first one i loved. but be on the look out for and change in mind or the purchase of two. Great work Monnie.
Reply Rhonda
2:38 PM on May 27, 2009 
I was trying to pick a favorite but they are all so good I couldn't decide. Love them all.
Reply linda herring
10:19 AM on May 7, 2009 
These are some really good works Love seeing them.